Thank You

Thank you to SWITM

Merv has received the following thank you from FIND.

Please thank your Church Members so much for their regular supplies of food for our FIND Food Bank.   I understand from Maureen too that you regularly check with Maureen to see what is most needed.

Thank you too for the Rev. Rob Hinsley advising FIND that the Trustees of a  charitable grant have agreed that £200.00 per week should be  allocated to purchase goods from Cash and Carry over seven weeks, so bolstering your Churches’ giving even further.

At present we are managing to fulfil requests for emergency food and other supplies for those in real need, as our volunteers distribute to thirty households daily and often more, a 75 % increase on a few weeks ago. This is despite the diminishing food stocks and the fact that several of our volunteers are unable to help as usual because they are obeying instructions to isolate themselves.

However, on the positive side, we are working closely with Ipswich Borough Council, who are offering us support, and from younger people who are on furlough at present and gladly offering to help distribute the food bags.

We are very grateful for the SWITM churches’ ongoing support for our work amongst those who are struggling at this time.


If anyone is able to help they are currently short of the following items, Merv is able to arrange collection or drop off at his back door.

Sugar – 500g bags, Sausages, Breakfast Cereals (not porridge) – e.g. Weetabix, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Nappies – sizes 4 and 6, Spray cleaners – anti bacterial surface cleaners, Tins of hot meat (none in wine sauce) – stewing steak, mince and onion, meatballs, chicken curry, hot dog and Fresh fruit and veg (not potatoes).