Readings / Prayers

The PRAYER Course

We will be running this in place of the Wednesday evening Bible study before and after Christmas on Zoom.  It is described as ‘An eight-week journey that will help you and your community to grow and deepen your prayer life’.

Session 1Why Pray25th November
Session 2Adoration2nd December
Session 3Petition9th December
Session 4Intercession16th December
Christmas / New Year Break
Session 5Unanswered Prayer6th January 2021
Session 6Contemplation13th January 2021
Session 7Listening20th January 2021
Session 8Spiritual Warfare27th January 2021

More Information can be found at and if you would like to register please let Kay in the parish office know on 01473 603229 or to

December 2020

Tuesday 1st December – we pray on World Aids Day for those living with this condition, that medication will be available for all and for those children who are now orphans.
Wednesday 2nd December – we pray for those running and taking part in the online Advent and Epiphany prayer course.
Thursday 3rd December – we pray, as we all face a changed lifestyle due to the Coronavirus, that we will continue to be a support to our local community, families and friends.
Friday 4th December – we pray for those taking part in the virtual Advent Calendar as we prepare for the Christmas season, and those displaying cribs in their windows at home.
Saturday 5th December – we pray for scientists developing vaccines to combat covid 19 and for those who are waiting for surgery to alleviate painful conditions.
Sunday 6th December – we pray, on the day we celebrate St. Nicholas, for children and young people we know.
Monday 7th December – we pray for Ipswich Night Shelter, for the manager, volunteers and guests using the new facility.
Tuesday 8th December – we pray for the Chaplains to Suffolk One, Chantry Academy and Stoke High in supporting vulnerable students.
Wednesday 9th December – we pray for victims of crime, scams and cyber crime and for those working towards preventing crimes.
Thursday 10th December – we pray for Andrew Payne for his work as mission enabler and for the chaplains to the emergency services.
Friday 11th December – we pray for volunteers running food banks, helping deliver vital medicines and food.
Saturday 12th December – we pray for our clergy team and churchwardens as they continue to support their parishioners.
Sunday 13th December – we pray on the day we celebrate the life of Samuel Johnson for those who are blind or partially sighted.
Monday 14th December – we pray for the peace makers in Israel and Palestine.
Tuesday 15th December – we pray for postal workers and delivery drivers, particularly at this time of year.
Wednesday 16th December – we pray for those who are unemployed, especially young people, and that people will be willing to take on jobs which are available.
Thursday 17th December – we pray for Save The Children, that all children will receive a good education.
Friday 18th December – we pray on United Nations Day for migrants, for all who have no home of their own.
Saturday 19th December – we pray for the Pop-up-Shop at St. Francis, for volunteers collecting the food, running the shop and our customers.
Sunday 20th December – we pray for Carol Praise being held at 11.00 a.m. this morning on zoom.
Monday 21st December – we pray for those who will find this Christmas a difficult time, because of a lost loved one, being on their own, or a member of the family or friend who is seriously ill.
Tuesday 22nd December – we pray for all those travelling for Christmas and those working in the aviation industry that next year business will pick up.
Wednesday 23rd December – we pray for the work of Hope into Action and the tenants that live in our parish.
Thursday 24th December – we pray for the outdoor Crib Service being held at St. Mary’s and the First Eucharist of Christmas being held at 8.00 p.m. at St. Francis and St. Peter’s.
Friday 25th December – we pray on Christmas Day for all Christians around the world celebrating Jesus’ birth.
Saturday 26th December – we pray on St. Stephen’s Day for Christians who are persecuted for their faith and the parts of the world where it is dangerous to be a Christian.
Sunday 27th December – we pray for the team service and on the day we celebrate St. John the Apostle, Jesus’s companion, for our friends and for peacemakers of the world and their vital work.
Monday 28th December – we pray on Holy Innocents Day for all vulnerable children in this country and around the world.
Tuesday 29th December – we pray, on the day we celebrate Thomas Becket, for the leadership of Archbishops and Bishops.
Wednesday 30th December – we pray for the changes 2021 will bring to SWITM and ask for God’s guidance for the future.
Thursday 31st December – we pray, as we have all had a challenging year, for God’s blessing (and presence) as we begin 2021.