Midweek Mardle and Prayer Meeting

Two for the price of one this week:

1. Midweek Prayer

19:00 – 19.30

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Meeting ID: 873 1508 3655

Passcode: 530620

2. Midweek Mardle

The hot days and warm, sultry nights are not conducive to committing pen to paper (or keyboard input to screen) so this may be a far shorter mardle than previously.

Of one thing I am certain and that is that this will be the last mardle generated using the ChurchSuite admin system which is cancelled with effect from this evening. Whilst it has proved very useful for getting out information by email and SMS message over the past 18 months or so, booking in to services and helping in creating rotas, each of the new PCCs had to make a decision on its use given the smaller electoral rolls involved and each rota only having to consider one building. In financially constrained times cancelling was the most sensible option.

This has got me thinking about the concept of cancelling something and applying that to our faith. Just because we’ve cancelled our access to ChurchSuite it hasn’t ceased to exist. Other people are still using it because they’ve agreed to the terms and conditions of use including monthly payments.

What about our faith though? Let’s say we cancel God. God is still there just like ChurchSuite and other people are still accessing God. That’s where I think the comparison ends because re-accessing God doesn’t involve form filling, accepting terms and conditions and restarting the standing order or direct debit. God says, “I’m here, come find out more about me.” Unlike the free trial of software we don’t lose access if we don’t sign up. We’re quite simply accepted just as we are. Our faith journey will have its ups and downs and we may think or feel that we’ve cancelled or unsubscribed but God doesn’t work that way. Loving arms are always outstretched and words of welcome also available.

Those loving arms were also outstretched for us on the cross – the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate show of love.

Jesus Take Me As I Am
I Can Come No Other Way
Take Me Deeper Into You
Make My Flesh Life Melt Away

Make Me Like A Precious Stone
Crystal Clear And Finely Honed
Life Of Jesus Shining Through
Giving Glory Back To You


God Bless