Growing in God

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As a Team we are committed to  Growing in God, the diocesan vision for growth which has been developed over the last couple of years as part of an overall vision for the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.

Growing in God is built around four key priorities:

Growing in Depth – responding to the call of Christ in every part of our lives
Growing in Number – drawing contacts we have into the life of God’s kingdom
Growing in Influence – reaching beyond ourselves in our impact on the wider world
Growing Younger – building churches whose age range reflects our communities.

Each of the 3 churches in the team has worked through the initial material within Growing in God, and as a team we have identified current priorities, which will be re-evaluated in time.

Team Priorities for the first 18 months of Growing in God.

  • Grow in influence; by creating a team website and reviewing how we communicate with each other and with the wider community.
  • Grow in depth; by training and equipping people from the congregations to lead services and serve the wider community.
  • Grow in number and younger; by exploring additional opportunities for worship that reach beyond the regular congregation.
  • Grow younger; by working with schools in South West Ipswich and exploring lay chaplaincy.
  • Work towards a balanced budget and increase the contribution we make to paying our Centenary Share.