Giving in Grace


We believe that, like other aspects of our faith, our giving is a direct response to God’s loving generosity.

More than ministry and mission Money is part of following Jesus. The Bible tells us that a rich man could not let go of his wealth, that Zacchaeus responded to Jesus with joyful generosity and that Paul challenged the church in Corinth to give generously. A healthy relationship with money is a normal part of our discipleship. Grace-filled generosity is, arguably, the sign and seal, perhaps even the sacrament, of financial discipleship. (Giving in Grace: A cord of three strands)

We are:

  • A people who worship    Sunday service, Weekday services
  • A people who witness  Home visits, School assemblies, Youth organisations, Fresh expressions of church
  • A people who serve Messy Church, Lunch Clubs, Night Shelter, Support groups

but we do this in a very under-resourced way, and are unable to meet our commitment to the wider diocese.  We need, as a church and individuals, to better understand the link between our finance and our faith, and to prayerfully  consider how we meet the challenges offered.

In the first few months of 2016 we planned and  delivered the stewardship campaign Giving in Grace  as part of our engagement with this difficulty, and as part of our commitment to growth and and faith in South West Ipswich.

Clergy and Members of the PCC re-evaluated their own giving before delivering sermons and engaging in bible studies.  Members of the congregations have each received an invitation to reconsider their own giving, and these should be returned by (or soon after) Pentecost, 15 May 2016.

Currently we have three main ways of giving in the team Churches:

  • Standing order
  • Free-will offering envelopes
  • Open plate giving

Standing Order forms, Gift Aid declaration forms and Gift Aid envelopes are available in each church and from the parish office.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid gives you an extra 25p for every £1 you donate. Declaration forms and envelopes are available in all 3 Churches.Gift Aid adds 25% to the value of your charity donation

Gift Aid is an income tax relief designed to benefit charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs. If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by 25% because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you.   The tax you pay must be equivalent to the amount of Gift Aid the charity will reclaim on your donation that tax year.

How does Gift Aid work?

The process is really simple; all you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid Declaration form. This is a statement from you to the charity confirming that you want to donate through Gift Aid and receive tax back on your donation. Your donations won’t qualify for Gift Aid if they are more than four times what you’ve paid in tax that tax year. If you stop paying enough tax at any point, you must let the charity you’re donating to know.