Find – Food during Covid-19

FIND (Families in Need) Shopping Army Needed
Many thanks to all who have already donated goods or money to FIND whilst we’ve been in lockdown.
Whilst delivering the latest bags of donations to FIND I asked what the greatest area of need is. The biggest challenge now being faced is actually spending the money the charity has, as supermarkets are restricting the numbers of many items to 2 or 3 per customer. Given that FIND are distributing 30 carrier bags per day, this limit is impacting them adversely.
I’ve agreed with Maureen Reynal at FIND that I will seek to pull together a volunteer army of shoppers to buy the various required items. If they then pass me the receipts, I will ensure they are reimbursed, and I will then put a block reimbursement request in to FIND to minimise the impact on FIND’s Treasurer. I’m quite happy to collect purchased produce from people. As regards reimbursement I would prefer to pay by cheque or by bank transfer, so if people put details with their first receipt or email me, I will set this up.
Goods required:
Pasta Sauce
Long Grain Rice
Sugar (500g)
Minced Beef and Onion (and other meats for meals)
Long Life Milk
Rice Pudding
Small Jars of Coffee
Trust this makes sense, but please don’t expose yourself to risk through too much time in the shops. Whatever you can do will be much appreciated.
With thanks in advance
Rev Merv
18th April 2020