This annual celebration will take place on 6th March 2020 under the heading of
 “Rise, take up your mat and walk”
and will focus on Zimbabwe.
WDP Zimbabwe is active throughout the year, supporting children with special needs and their families and other health and social care projects.”  Source:
Our local service will take place at
7.00 pm on 6th March 2020 at Chantry Methodist Church.
Further details can be obtained from Jane Morgan at St Francis Church

2020 The Millennium of the Abbey of St Edmunds

Next year is a significant year for our Diocese as we celebrate a major anniversary in the Christian history of our county and region. 2020 is the 1000th anniversary of King Cnut founding, the Benedictine Abbey of St Edmund in 1020. The shrine of St Edmund attracted countless pilgrims to Bury St Edmunds. At its height the Abbey influenced the whole nation and became one of the most significant religious houses in Europe. Our Cathedral stands in the grounds of the Abbey with part of the Nave surviving from that time. There will be a year of celebrations with a wide range of events including: Benedictine Celebration – weekend of 23/24 May Community Celebration – weekend of 11/12 July St Edmund Day Festival – weekend of 20/22 November Put these dates in your diary. As well as these exciting events, parishes are invited to celebrate their historic connections with the Abbey of St Edmund, as 2020 is an opportunity to raise awareness of these links. Information gathered will be publicised online for visitors and pilgrims. More details of this project will be announced soon. (As one born and raised in Bury St Edmunds I especially look forward to joining in these celebrations – Kay)