Each of the churches in the South West Ipswich Team Ministry aims to be as accessible as possible.  If you are joining with us for worship whether for  a one-off  service (eg a wedding or baptism) or on a regular basis and have a specific need, please do contact us about your needs and work with us to ensure you are able to engage and worship without worry.


Both St Peters and St Francis have level access to their buildings, St Mary at Stoke church has  portable ramps to aid wheelchair users (the hall is wheelchair accessible).  Stewards and sidespeople are on hand during worship services  in all 3 churches to provide a steadying hand for anyone with mobility issues.  Communion will be brought to anyone wishing to receive in their seat/pew rather than at the Altar rail.

Hearing and vision

Induction loops are used in all 3 churches, and BSL interpreters can be arranged, though we require some notice for this.

Large print media (pewsheets/servicebooklets etc) are available for the visually impaired.

Sensory issues & overstimulation

We recognise that for some people, both adults and children, the noise, light and crowding of churches can be difficult, especially for parents of young children, or for those living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  You are welcome to come and go as necessary, to find quiet space within the building to reflect or regroup energies.